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My Story,

My Story

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for checking in!!

My name is Kelly Dokken, and  I  live in the suburbs of our wonderful Twin Cities. 

I started my Landscape Company in the late 1980s.  I have learned a lot  in that time. Some lessons came easy, and some came with incredible difficulty, but all have contributed to the business that I have today.

 I have produced landscaping projects from patios, outdoor entertainment areas, and retaining walls to water features and outdoor fireplaces.  I have designed these landscapes to meet on-site applications, cost considerations, and customer needs.  I deal with my customers from a standpoint of  how I would like to be treated  which is with  family values and integrity.

I have been making other landscaping companies scratch their heads for years because I have figured out how to provide high-quality landscapes while consistently being a cost-effective bidder. I am often lower in cost by a very significant margin.

Here is why:
* I am the owner, designer, installer,  the on-site foreman, and even my own secretary.  Most companies need to pay for all these positions,  along with job cost, labor, business expenses, and then charge a profit for the business on top of all that, but my labor is my profit because I do not need to hire someone to replace me or fill these positions. Plus there is no communication lost between the inner working parts of my business because I handle them all.  I  bring in my experienced crew and personally work with the customer from design to completion of the installation. There are no middle companies, retailers,  or unattended employees that either don't know exactly what is going on or do not have the where-with-all to make changes that might be requested, or required as the project goes forward as I can work with you, the customer to accomplish this in a very quick order.  These are just some of the many perks of hiring a small business like mine.                                                      

* I do not have typical overhead. I have minimal and controlled debt within the business, and my truck is my office.                                                                      

* I have worked with the same landscape product suppliers  for many years ( , , )  , so I not only have considerable contractor savings on my landscape materials and products, but I have earned extended product warranty privileges due to my certifications, history, and installation practices. I  pass those savings on to you.                                                      

* I have developed  remarkably efficient installation procedures that not only provide superior quality that will save time and money, but they practically eliminate warranty issues, but you can be sure that I am available should there ever be a warranty issue.                                                                                                                                                                                     
* I am  flexible, easy to work with, knowledgeable, very experienced in the landscape industry, awarded, and "A" rated on Angie's List, Bing Business, Google, Amazon Services, and other places. I am eager to work with you on any of your upcoming outdoor projects, so please give me the opportunity to show you what I have to offer in bringing you a beautiful, cost effective outdoor upgrade to your home and life!

Thank you,
Kelly Dokken (Owner and Founder)

Direct email:

763 442-3451